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I'm Tran Thanh Tung

Product operations - Game designer

  • Date of birth 13/09/1992
  • Sex Male
  • Mail
  • Phone number +84 344 084 984
  • Address 19A Ngõ 262, Khương Đình, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
  • Education Hanoi University of Business and Technology

Hi! My name is Tran Thanh Tung - A person who is always searching and learning new knowledge to "Apply - Adapt - Improve" to improve work performance. Moreover, I am a Game enthusiast and love jobs that require high analytical and thinking abilities. I desire and always try to pursue my passions and interests. From there, I can perfect my skills, and create many benefits for myself and the company.

Professional Skills

Office information
Analysis - Planning
Team work

My Experience

  • First Era

  • 2021 - Now

    VTECH JSC - PM - Game designer

    ● Searching for products that are suitable for the time and market, building a business plan suitable to the size and resources of the company.
    ● Monitor, operate, report and analyze indicators of products in charge.
    ● Responsible for ideation, document writing, game loop design, wireframe/mockup preparation for product development
    ● Coordinate with relevant teams such as Technical, Marketing, Artist, ... to plan product deployment, ensuring on time.

    Fish hunter
    Pet war
    Pirate verse
    Game marketing

  • 2021 - 2022


    ● Design new features, document, design process, and wireframe the product.
    ● Coordinate with other teams to design new media events for the product.
    ● Work with the Technical team to improve functionality.

  • 2020 - 2021


    ● Test and evaluate the product's internal features when released in the Vietnam market.
    ● Manage and directly participate in the product integration and balancing process.
    ● Be the focal point to link and handle related issues in the process of product finishing.
    ● Synthesize, report, and analyze data periodically for the board of directors to find the right direction for the product.
    ● Analyze user behavior to make appropriate corrections for partners.
    Product: Gun Star.

  • Second Era

  • 2019 - 2020


    ● Searching for products that match the company's orientation and scale.
    ● Design UI/UX to build SDK for the company.
    ● Analyze the market, evaluate the product, then build the plan with an operation and marketing strategy for the product.
    ● Work with partners to develop features, proofread and integrate products.
    ● Hỗ trợ công ty sản xuất các ấn phẩm/web/wap/Landing.

    New King of the Three Kingdoms.

  • 2017-2019


    ● Test and evaluate the product, therefore building a business case in line with the product roadmap.
    ● Participate in editing, editing character stats, and integrating products.
    ● Participate in the rewriting of the character's plot.
    ● Looking for partners for dubbing and recording.
    ● Plan to prepare the tournaments, and build the fanpage, and satellite group for the product.
    ● Recruit the right KOLs and Youtubers to navigate and build the community for the product.
    ● Prepare web/wap and landing for each stage of the product.

    Product: Moba Attack.

  • 2013 - 2017

    SOHAGAME - game operator

    The products that I am in charge of building the community:
    ● Phong ma
    ● Wukong 3D
    ● Ngo Khong Truyen Ky
    ● Cs zombie
    Products operated by me:
    ● LOL Truyen ky
    ● Tower Defense King
    ●Dai Minh Chu
    ● Mong Vo Lam
    ● IGA
    ● Kiem Khach Truyen
    ● Super hero war
    The products that I support:
    ● Zhūxiān.
    ● Heroes Taric (Vietnamese version)

My Interest

I am a person who has a passion for music, I can listen to music anytime, anywhere. More than that, I love to adventure with my small family, traveling and relaxing or exploring. I like to watch movies and play games in my spare time. In particular, I spend a lot of time researching and learning more soft skills, new skills that help me always upgrade myself and innovate in different working environments.

  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Movie
  • Boxing
  • Travel
  • Technological
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